Book Reviews for Feeding the Beef Cowherd for Maximum Profit

Feeding the Beef Cowherd for Maximum Profit is a splendid, well written resource for producers, students, and agri-
professionals on the practical, cost-effective nutritional management of cowherds. Based on decades of solid research, this handy reference provides an excellent insight into the interplay of nutrition, reproductive efficiency, and economics. Also included are highly useful tables listing the nutrient requirements of beef cattle and the nutrient composition of common feedstuffs and by-products.

– Dr. Gerry Kuhl, Professor Emeritus, Kansas State University

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This book will provide an excellent resource for beef producers. It is also appropriately written for students, county extension personnel, veterinarians, and other beef industry professionals that do not have extensive training in beef cattle nutrition.

Dr. Simms’ unique professional experiences, ranging from State Beef Specialist to the commercial feed industry, are evident in the practical, straightforward approach. The concepts, recommendations, and resource materials/data are based on sound, proven science rather than opinion.

This book will likely represent the most comprehensive guide to beef cow nutrition that is available. The “Special Topics” section, in particular, adds considerable breadth to the more common, fundamental nutrition information.

– Dr. David Lalman, Extension Beef Cattle Specialist, Oklahoma State University