Feeding the Beef Cowherd book

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Feeding the Beef Cowherd for Maximum Profit

A Guide for Cattle Producers and Industry Professionals

This book is the most complete guide to beef cow nutrition ever written. It covers basic beef cattle nutrition and provides practical guidelines for feeding under typical production situations. A key focus is on a philosophical approach to meeting animal requirements in a way that will maximize profitability. Topics covered include feeding for optimal reproductive performance, using body condition scoring, feeding during drought, and feeding by-products. It also provides guidelines for cost-effective energy, protein, and mineral supplementation programs. Moreover, it contains a wealth of information on animal requirements and feed composition.

A major emphasis throughout the book is on managing feed costs – the key to maximizing profitability. It should be an excellent resource for cattle producers, extension agents, feed company personnel, veterinarians, students, and anyone else interested in beef cattle production.


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